Injuries galore!

Week 2 - Tie

Womp. Haha so you may notice a slight change in this week’s milage. And I promise it’s not because we got lazy! I took a pretty serious strain in my thigh during my run on Thursday, and I’ve been limping around. It’s starting to feel better, but it’s hard to run on, so I’ve switched over to elliptical.

Hannah has had a history of knee problems and hers became really enflamed this week so she’s back on her medication for it. 

We probably just vastly overdid it last week, but we’re stubborn and ready to get back into things next week, because neither of us has “loser” in their vocabulary.

Sometimes when we reach rivers, life gives us bridges. These bridges are usually taken for granted. Other times all we have is a vine. We must hold on tight and trust that it won’t break as we swing. If for some reason it does, it just means you must swim. This is bound to be a laborious process and will soak you to the bone. Yet, there’s something beautiful in knowing that no matter the journey, whether it’s just walking across a bridge, swinging solely on trust, or using all your strength to push through the tide- there is always a way to reach the other side. You just have to commit to moving forward. 


Yesterday, I was going through some of my old photos, and was just really shocked to see just how small I was in high school. All those years I always felt so overweight, and I wasn’t in the slightest. Then it made me sad to realize how unhealthy I got, but inspired to keep going. It’s just, I realized what a head game all of this is. My entire life, I never felt comfortable or at peace with my body, and looking back, I realize my beliefs of being big were all in my head. I know, for a fact, that I’m now on a track; that, regardless of what I claim to see in the mirror, is making me a healthier person, and I couldn’t be happier with that.


So close and still so far…

Summer Success Celebrations

I was right the other day when I thought that scale had gone wonky. I checked again and it was about 10 lbs. off haha but still, clothes are getting looser and looser so I’ll take it!

I’m just a little over three weeks away from going home! I’m so excited. And then it’s off to Orlando! This summer of being all adult like is shaping up nicely :)